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Strong message delivery

Keep audiences participated


Transform and improve surroundings

Attract and keep youthful workers and clients

Experiential Graphics

 If communication is the trick to success, smart communication is critical to a brand’s wealth. Thinking outside the box is essential in time once the attention spans of your potential clients are shorter than ever before. Studio Bipolar Imaging, the Delhi NCR’s leading large format of experimental graphics firm, desires to help you stay ahead of the curve with experiential graphics as material delivery gets equally as important as the material itself.

Establishing a strong sense of identity and place is the hallmark of our thoughtful experiential graphic design. Through wayfinding systems, architectural graphics and signage, branding, and large-scale installations we enhance how buildings are experienced. We gather inspiration from the unique qualities and aspects of each project, as well as the surrounding neighborhood, users and community to create strong, vibrant graphics that communicate powerful and compelling information about the building and those who inhabit it to occupants and visitors. 

Experiential graphic design is the best technology for conventional images to attract your target audience on many distinct levels. Faculties and local municipalities have integrated experiential graphics to immerse students/visitors and increase the surroundings. The best example for this is Kumbh Fair 2019 in Prayagraj.  Same is true for corporations attempting to entice employees/clients and event partners trying to provide a next-level experience. 

Successful brands will also be embracing and implementing the experiential graphic design. And they are coming into Studio Bipolar Imaging studio owners Throughout the country to turn their vision into reality.

 Companies throughout the planet are beginning to adopt the transformative power of experiential graphics. Below are five reasons why the future is currently with experiential graphics:


1) Strong message delivery 

If done correctly, your message will be received loud and clear. Why not do it with a little extra flair? With experiential graphics, it is possible to direct 
people to your company while teaching, communication and impressing. Let

your message become a dialogue starter through advanced visual stimulation, with articles that will get your visitors flocking to show off it in social networking selfies.  

2) Keep audiences participated

 The experiential layout takes several forms — signage, display design, architectural images, and more than ever, electronic technologies. Each retains the capacity to incorporate numerous components and provide your life. It’s true that you want the images to be helpful, but do not fumble away the opportunity to immerse your customers in a memorable experience.

 3) Cost-effective

 The ability to leave your clients in amazement and give them something to tell their buddies about is well worth the purchase price of entry. Not convinced? The images are made to boost your creative side. And when ingenuity includes a rigorous budget, that is no problem. Nobody will notice just how much you did not spend, should you do it correctly.

 4) Transform and improve surroundings

 Get the most of your own setting. When it is a scenic playground, a food court or even a parking garage, the chances to turn drab into striking is restricted only by your creativity. Though some may think about a rogue doorway or port an obstruction, we imagine it as an chance to exhibit your brand in a special and unforgettable manner.

 5) Attract and keep youthful workers and clients

 The newest kids on the block are not settling for the status quo. They are anticipating creative workspaces. They are anticipating an engaging atmosphere. There is no need to bury your head in the sand. Experiential graphics inspire another power and attitude that make workers, of all ages, much better than ever!

 Your future starts today. Allow Studio Bipolar Imaging reveal to you how to achievement. To learn more regarding Studio Bipolar Imaging, the Delhi NCR’s leading large format images, and also to speak to your regional Studio Bipolar to begin




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