Studio Bipolar is one of the most bright name in the list of architectural firms in Delhi NCR. We are Committed to delivering high-quality projects and innovate design solutions to our Clients.

Reasons to hire Studio Bipolar The Best Architects in Delhi NCR


Studio Bipolar works collaboratively with clients, communities and ends users to create buildings that work well on every level, inside and out. Working closely with our clients, we create architectural statements that are equal parts personal and functional.

The actual estate company is constantly on fire particularly in Delhi NCR, every now and then brand new mega projects are currently growing on the industry. Evidently, big businesses hire the finest architects at Delhi NCR to reach the giant architecture superbly. On the other hand, many individuals making their house in Delhi discount architects. Here is the biggest mistake you can make so far as the present structure strength and prospective growth of the home is concerned.

If You’re a person about to build a new house/shop/commercial; then these motives will persuade to hire top architects at Delhi NCR-

Qualifications and expertise


Undoubtedly, professional architects are highly-qualified with mandatory degrees from reputed universities. Furthermore, they also have important expertise in tackling different types of jobs, and also an understanding of regulations, codes and rules.

Studio Bipolar has a qualified and experienced professional team to handle all kind of architecture work. have a look.


Sanjana Mathur

B.Arch 2015.

Sanjana spent her college years expanding her skill set to include custom artwork and graphic design. Her projects include working with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage to create tourist brochures for several monuments in Delhi. After the degree, she joined Anagram Architects, where she acted as Team Leader for Several high-end custom residences as well as retail interiors. She’s an ardent movie buff, and loves to relax with her cat, Hiro!

Ujjwal Sagar

B.Arc 2015.

After completing his Bachelors Degree in Architecture, Ujjwal worked at renowned firm DADA partners in Gurgaon, Where he got a thorough grounding in large scale housing and institutional projects. He also worked at Anagram Architects where he acted as Team Lead for high end hospitality and institutional projects. He is a passionate foodie at heart, and loves to play on his Xbox and Playstation in his free time!

Different Pro Approach for Architecture Projects

 Apart from a massive knowledge bank, Studio Bipolar have a vision, a power to think otherwise in order to think of something fresh each moment. After choosing your needs, needs, and budget into consideration; we will provide patterns of the plan and helpful facts about its structure.

Each project provides endless possibilities for discovery. Our process begins with listening to our clients and deeply exploring the environmental, spatial, and community context that inspire a truly authentic design. From there we generate scenarios, ask what-ifs, provide options for discussion, and facilitate concurrence.


 Like a fantastic architect firm, we are caring for the environment in addition to the future growth of your dwelling. Never use”sustainability” from your house to make it environment- friendly.


The Money Things

 When it comes to possessions, money things even for the Best Architect at Delhi NCR. They are usually cost-conscious so that your house/commercial/office will be assembled at minimal cost as you can. Having said this, competitive cost never means reduced quality.


Timing is significant in Architecture

Timing is essential for you and for a professional. We are well aware of what must be done, and everything ought to follow it. It ends in a sensible deadline for your property. And by coordinating with concerned members in the building group, we attempt to finish within the allotted time.


We can help our clients with all aspects of a project, starting from Space Planning and Structural Design, to all kinds of Services Planning (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Security & Fire Suppression systems). 




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