Premas LifeSciences Office

Interior Design and Fit Out for the offices of a Life Sciences Company in Delhi.

Project Name : Premas Life Sciences

Built Area : 4000 sqft

Completion Year : 2018

Services :  Interior Design, Fit Out

Location : Okhla Industrial Area , New Delhi

Duration : 3 months

Creating a work culture:

Considering Premas’s core design objectives for this project and the desired experience for end users and industry partners, Studio Bipolar was tasked with designing and building an engaging space for the work force and industry partners that would capture the essence of the science they practice and encourage social interaction in the workplace. 


Flexible Spaces:

A huge departure from their previous work space, Premas was willing to break free and experiment with flexible spaces. A small and large meeting rooms were created, with a slidable, folding wall in between. This allows separate meetings to happen simultaneously without interruptions or disturbance.


Natures’ Building Blocks:

The client wanted to draw heavily from the focus of their company, DNA. We conceptualized a space inspired by the building blocks of nature coming together to form a warm and lush work-space. Twisting brick columns (with cubby holes for brochures) anchor the space. The cafeteria is a metaphoric forest graced with warm wood and lush greens.

Reinforcing Identity:

The design aims to foster a sense of identity and belonging in all people who inhabit it. A large custom made company logo graces a wall in the reception area, with photos of some of the company’s long standing industry partners. On another wall, framed icons from various scientific disciplines add some punch to the space.

Studio Bipolar aimed to create a space that drew inspiration from the work Premas is so passionate about. At the same time, we endeavored to fulfill the myriad needs of a modern work space with built in flexibility.




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