An Indian Health Food start up wanted to create their first gourmet dining experience in the heart of one Delhi’s busiest markets. The space, once occupied by a fast food joint, was selected for its prime corner location.

The location afforded a sprawling visual connection to the hustle bustle of the plaza outside and also the heavy greenery around. Care was taken to ensure that the design capitalized on this. The concept of being in touch with the natural greenery outside while consuming all natural products inside, drove the design forward.

The café employs a deep green in its branding and was continued in the overall design of the space. This coupled with earthy tones and materials makes for a fresh and vibrant look. The space was subtly divided into separate seating zones to cater to different customers while making one cohesive whole. Polished pine wood members and thoughtful lighting accent different zones.

Featured on Architecture Live, Inside Outside, materialicious