“We are entrepreneurs and innovators, designers and creative problem solvers, thinkers, and doers.”- says Dalberg. These policy thinkers and advisors needed to have a working space in one of the high end areas of New Delhi, i.e., Panscheel Park. The area, once constructed as a 4BHK was to be transformed into a space serving the purpose of a workplace now. For this workplace, the main aspect to focus upon was the way they work, ideate and interact. The requirement was to have multiple avenues where these strategizers could cook up ideas instantly and pin them up whenever and wherever needed. It was essential to have flexible working conditions promoting communication so that they can work effectively. Therefore, Studio Bipolar envisioned a multifunctional space where the users can tag any idea as soon as it strikes them. The clients wanted to have a layout which could harness a flexible and creative working atmosphere while having individual’s privacy.

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